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Adam Bennett at speed!


A new decade, therefore a new season.  


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Christmas and New Year’s are past, the first of the Toronto Shows is already history, and the next one is not far off.


Volunteers will be needed at the shows, both for giving a hand helping out at the booth, and for putting bikes on display.  Watch the forum, get involved.


That means a new season is not that far ahead.


Who will it be in 2010?


Will the Whittakers repeat their speed and consistency this season, with a new rig?  That's right, THE Orange machine has a new owner, in other words there's another team out there, not to mention another "new" team coming out of Quebec.  I put “new” in quotations because this will be the first time out for the drivers on 3 wheels! They already know the tracks, so they should be competitive, just about right away.   Expect sidecars to be heavily contested, with larger fields than in the past couple of years.  Let's also hope some of the teams who have sat out the last couple of seasons get out as well.  Let’s hope I can exorcise my rig’s demons in practice, I hate it when it breaks in a race.  See?  We 3-wheelers aren’t really that different!


The info for the rider's school was posted a while back, how many new faces will we see, grinning through their visors?  Not to mention the ahem, more seasoned veterans?


We have new editors for the Baffled Muffler, send them your articles!  If you don't, you won't have anything to read while you aren't working on your bikes.  Some things never change, Steve was always looking for contributions….


Come race time, we'll be needing volunteers, watch for Dominic's announcements. 


Remember, we're a club and we need volunteers to help carry the load, which in turn keeps our racing more or less affordable.  If the volunteers aren't there, we'll have to hire, and for sure our entry fees will certainly rise.


Speaking of Money, who has sent their Membership in yet?  That's right, a New Year means membership dues are payable, and it helps the club as well, having the money in the bank before the pay to play starts.


So get those forms and cheques off to Bonnie!  Now to practice what I preach!


Happy New Year, everyone.  See you at a show (or 2) and certainly at the track!


Ian Bruce, January 3, 2010.

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