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Winner Of The #1 Plate

Winner Of The #1 Plate

Given to the top VRRA racer for a race season, determined by the Executive members.  Most points earned in a single class, total points earned in several classes and exeptional performances are all taken into account when awarding the #1 plate.

Originally decided by member ballot, the #1 plate is now awarded to the member with the most successful results in the VRRA race series for the year. The holder uses the #1 plate on all their machines for the following season. The award is determined by the Executive.

The recipient of the #1 plate is also the recipient of the prestigious  MAX award for Vintage Road Racing handed out at the Toronto Supershow.

Previous Winners:

1992          Dan Sorenson
1993          Toivo Madrus
1994          Steve Canellos
1995           Stuart Pilkington
1996           Steve Brown
1997           Peter Engelbert
1998           Steve Canellos
1999          Stuart Pilkington
2000          Paul & Marie Whittaker
2001           Paul & Marie Whittaker
2002          Paul & Marie Whittaker
2003         Adam Bennett
2004         Michel Roby
2005          Bill Hornblower
2006          Scott Rupert
2007          Paul & Marie Whittaker
2008          Stan Nicholson
2009          Paul & Marie Whittaker
2010          Brian Henderson
2011           Jody Pearce
2012          Dominic Aubry
2013          Chris Hurst
2014          Tim Ruhl
2015          David (Woody) Percival
2016          Paul Brubaker
2017          Tyler Waller