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Privacy Policy


The Vintage Road Racing Association (VRRA) is committed to respecting the

confidentiality of members’ personal information.

Members’ personal information in the form of name, address, postal code, phone number

and email address is held in both hardcopy and electronic formats by the Membership

Secretary and may be shared with the Executive or individuals performing duties under

the direction of the Executive. This information is used by the VRRA solely for the

purposes of administrating the VRRA and to distribute the Baffled Muffler. Personal

information supplied to the VRRA will remain confidential and will not be sold to, or

shared with any other individual, corporation or company. Access to personal

information will be restricted solely to those officials of the association who need the

information to perform the duties assigned to them.

Event registrations, including personal information and other information required for the

registration process, are held in both hard and electronic formats by the Registrar and the

Competition Coordinator for use in organizing racing events. Event registration may take

the form of an on-line registration process. Information gathered by the service provider

will be covered by a confidentiality agreement. Information from the electronic system

would be similar to, and used in the same fashion as, the present mail-in system.

Any personal information shared with a third party such as a printing company for

distribution of the Baffled Muffler, a magazine with which the VRRA has entered into a

circulation agreement, etc, will be subject to a confidentiality agreement between the

VRRA and the third party. Any member who does not want their personal information

shared with a commercial organization as part of such an agreement will have the

provision to opt out of such an agreement. The confidentiality agreement will detail that

the information will not be used for any other purpose than that for which it was supplied,

will be destroyed on termination of the contract and confidentiality of the material will be

maintained in compliance with the VRRA privacy statement.

If a roster of current members is made available to members, for the purpose of allowing

members to contact others, the information would be made available only with the

express permission of each member. The VRRA cannot guarantee that the information

contained in the roster will remain confidential only to members of the VRRA as we

cannot be responsible for the actions of all members. It is the expectation of the VRRA

that information contained in a roster will not be shared with non-members without the

prior permission of the member so identified.

The VRRA website contains a ‘members only’ section, accessible by current members,

that requires login to gain access. It is the expectation of the VRRA that any information

on this section of the website will not be shared with non-members. On termination of

membership in the VRRA, access to the login section of the website will be removed.

Any personal information placed on the VRRA website by members is controlled and

edited by each member, so confidentiality is within the control of each member.

Occasionally, the club may ask members to complete a survey which may request

information considered as sensitive personal information. Completion of any such survey

would be optional and a member may opt out of completing all or part of the survey. The

individual(s) collecting and tabulating the survey responses will be identified at the time

the survey is requested. The information on completed surveys will be separated from

any means of identifying individuals and the results tabulated to provide feedback to the

Executive on member satisfaction and to guide the future direction of the association.

Survey information, in the form of membership demographics, stripped of any means of

identifying individuals, may be shared with potential sponsors.

Any questions or concerns about the VRRA Privacy Policy should be addressed to the

Privacy Officer, the VRRA Vice-President.

Adopted by the 2013 VRRA Executive

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