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“Try the Track”

“Try the Track” is an exciting and unique opportunity to put you and your bike on a real race track. For a nominal fee (20.00) and in a safe and controlled environment, you will be able to ride several laps on one of Canada’s best racing venues.  If you’ve ever had even a mild interest in racing, wondered if you could really do it, if you are always outriding your friends, breaking the legal speed limit, or can’t get enough corners, then this program is for YOU! Or ,if bikes aren’t your thing or that’s not exciting enough , we also offer the chance to ride the same track as a sidecar “monkey” in an authentic sidecar racing rig-with training of course!

The program runs at all of our scheduled race weekends and at 3 different tracks, Shannonville, Mosport and Ste Eustache (QC).  Check our racing schedule here.   Pre-register for  “TRY THE TRACK” at ( or phone:416-826-2273 ) or register in person  at any of our race weekends at the souvenir booth.

“Try the Track” sign up information

• Cost is $20.00/per person for either motorcycle or sidecar riders. All proceeds go to support “Big Brothers, Big Sisters”, our charity of choice

• At the event, check in and register at the souvenir booth

• You must be signed up by 11:00 a.m. on the day you wish to participate (Saturday or Sunday)

• “Try the Track” runs at lunchtime both days. Listen to the track announcer for additional details.   NOTE: Timing can vary depending on race scheduling.

• You must read and sign the waiver provided

• All motorcycle riders must show a valid motorcycle license at sign-up

• Your bike and riding gear will need to be inspected by our technical crew. You will be advised as to the time of the inspection and location of the tech booth.

• Sidecar passengers (minimum age 16 yrs.) will be required to take some basic training in how to “monkey” on a sidecar. You will be advised as to when and where.

• Track sessions are approx. 15 minutes and are at a controlled speed

Other Requirements

• Your machine and equipment must conform to standards set by the VRRA

• Street bikes and sidecar rigs must be in a clean, safe condition, and must pass a VRRA tech inspection

• Race bikes and racing sidecar rigs must pass through full VRRA technical inspection

• All riders and passengers must wear acceptable protective clothing, with no visible skin below the neck, including  leather or good quality jacket, leather gloves, leather boots and leather or good quality over-pants or heavy  jeans

• Helmets shall be full coverage, good quality and meet an approved safety standard

• All motorcycle participants must attend a riders meeting with their bikes at “pit out” (track entrance) just  prior to the track session • Sidecar riders will go to the designated training location with full leathers (may be borrowed) and take basic  instruction

• Sidecar laps will commence immediately after motorcycle laps are completed.