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Am-Can Championship

Welcome (back) to the Am-Can Championship Series!  The basic premise of this idea is to give vintage racers a fun and exciting reason to think about their fellow vintage racers.  Our sport faces ever-changing hurtles that threaten its existence, and as a group, regardless of nationality we face those challenges together.  The Am-Can Championship Series is intended to bring vintage road racing closer as a group, and promote the travel opportunities within each organization to make all of our events stronger, and just that much more enjoyable.

And bragging rights.  There’s that too…..

As racers, we’re a strange breed.  We often rely on one another for rides to events, parts at the track, fuel, more parts, finding parts, working till 2:00am to install those parts…. And then in the wave of a flag we instantly transform into each other’s competitor and vigorously compete to put our wheel in front of the next bike at the stripe.  That duality is really what makes our sport different from “real” racing.  Our racing is closer to family than it is teams, and the creation of this series is intended to build on those bonds.

The Am-Can Championship Series is designed so that ALL vintage road racers can participate regardless of whether or not your particular machine has a shared class in the other organizations, and regardless of your ability to travel.  The spirit of team competition is important, and the structure of the Series intends to build on that.  As you will see in the rules, there is a points matrix that awards points for every top-15 finish you earn.  These points are automatically earned when you register for the Series at each sanctioned event you attend.  Entry fees are intentionally very minimal: $10.00/ event in Canada and $5.00/final in the US.  The VRRA in Canada runs heat races on Saturday and Finals on Sunday (you’ll earn your points for both same as the pair of Finals run in the US) but unlike both USCRA and AHRMA you only register for the single event on their Saturday and then automatically transfer to their Final on Sunday, hence $10.00 vs $5.00 plus $5.00 in the US.

These earned points will have a dual function for you as a racer.  First, every point you earn goes into your team’s “bucket” towards the season long Championship.  Second, the points will be tracked on an individual basis to form a season long Top-Ten American and Top-Ten Canadian racer list.  An annual trophy will be awarded to the winning team, and medals will be awarded to the top ten riders from each country.  Of course the ultimate goal is to have an invitational event, and award those items at its conclusion, but we have to walk before we can run, and assuming that this Series takes off, you will see just such an event in 2018.  For 2017 we will have to suffice ourselves with bench racing our Facebook group!

Make sure you read carefully the rules, the list of sanctioned events, and registration requirements for each organization.  The world could use a little competitive fun and shared comradery!  Here’s a chance to do just that!

Ashton Bond
VRRA Competition Coordinator


2017 AM-Can results available to download here:Round 1 thru 13 results


The rules for the Am-Cam are available here:  RULES


2017 Am-Can Sanctioned Event Schedule:

Round 1: AHRMA Feb 24-26, Roebling Road Raceway, Bloomingdale, GA, USA

Round 2: AHRMA 3/31- 4/2, Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw, SC, USA

Round 3: USCRA May 22, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, NH, USA

Round 4: VRRA June 1-4, Shannonville Motorsports Park, Shannonville, ON, CA

Round 5: USCRA June 10, 11, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Louden, NH, USA

Round 6: USCRA July 1, 2 Canaan Motor Park, NH, USA

Round 7: AHRMA July 14-16 New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ, USA

Round 8: VRRA July 21-23 Calabogie Motorsports Park, Calabogie, ON, CA

Round 9: VRRA August 11-13, CTMP Mosport, Bowmanville, ON, CA

Round 10: USCRA August 19, 20, Canaan Motor Park, NH, USA

Round 11: USCRA September 4, New Hampshire Motorsports Park, NH, USA

Round 12: VRRA September 8-10, Calabogie Motorsport Park, Calabogie, ON, CA

Round 13: AHRMA October 5-8 Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds, AL, USA


Track-specific informational websites:

Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Mosport-

New Jersey Motorsports Park-

Shannonville Motorsports Park-

Calabogie Motorsports Park-

Barber Motorsports Park-

New Hampshire Motor Speedway-

Roebling Road Raceway-

Carolina Motorsports Park-




the original Am-Cam in 1983?

The 1985 Version