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How do I build a rider?

I’ve raced before

If you have raced motorcycles before we will need proof of when and where you last raced.  If its been a while since you squeezed into those leathers you may want to take our yearly school to get you back into the swing of things.

Never been on a track.

If you have never raced motorcycles before its not a problem, we have a few options for you.

  1. Take our race course, its held yearly on the Friday of the Quinte TT event held at Shannonville Raceway in Shannonville Ontario which is just outside of the Belleville area.  Make sure to sign up early, spaces go fast…its the best deal in town!
  2. Take a VRRA  approved training course.  Here are a few links to approved schools:


What do I need?

Competitors must wear suitable road racing protective equipment consisting of leather gloves, leather jacket, leather pants, and leather boots to a minimum height of 8 inches from the top of the sole and overlapping the pants. Two-piece leathers must be zipped together at the waist. The use of back protection, either built in or separate, is required.

Helmets must be full-faced units, with approved shatter resistant face shields. Competitors areprohibited from using damaged helmets. Helmets must be certified by the manufacturer as Snell, BSI 6658 Type A or ECE/22-05 approved and be no more than 7 years old. While the VRRA stipulates Snell, BSI 6658 Type A or ECE/22-05 certified helmets, it neither endorses nor guarantees specific products or manufacturers. The purchase of these products and their use will notguarantee the prevention of serious head injury or death.

Competitors must rely on their own judgement in the selection of helmets, leathers and protective equipment that will provide appropriate protection and durability.