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Race Classes


The VRRA has established rules to govern classic and vintage motorcycle roadracing that apply to all of our events. The same eligibility rules are adopted by RACE and to a large degree harmonize with other co-operating organizations.

These regulations provide for five periods of manufacture:

Early Vintage: For machines manufactured prior to December 31st 1949.

Pre-65: For motorcycles up to model year 1964, in two classes, 350cc and 500cc.

Period 1: For motorcycles up to model year 1967. GP style racing motorcycles with classes for: 200cc GP 250cc GP 350cc GP 500cc GP Open GP

Period 2: For motorcycles up to model year 1972, with classes for lightweight and heavyweight.

Period 3: Introduced in 2001, this class is the superbike era for motorcycles up to and including model year 1982.

There are three classes:

Lightweight for 250cc two-stroke up to 550cc four-stroke machines.

Middleweight for 350cc two stroke up to 750cc four stroke machines, and

Heavyweight for 750cc two stroke up to 1100cc four stroke air-cooled machines.

Period 4: Introduced in 2003

There are three classes:

F1. Up to 1000cc four stroke twins, up to 750cc multi cylinder* four strokes, up to 500cc two stroke two or more cylinder.

F2. Up to 750cc four stroke twins, up to 600cc multi cylinder* four strokes, 250cc two stroke GP bikes, a 250GP frame with a production engine will run in this class

F3. Unlimited four stroke singles, up to 500cc two stroke singles, up to 400cc two stroke, street based twins and triples (must have original frames, cylinder blocks and engine casings), up to 400cc four stroke four cylinders, up to 650cc four stroke twins, 125cc two stroke GP bikes.

Rules are reviewed annually, so prior to building or revamping a vintage or classic machine, ask for the current rules to have on hand as a guide. Contact the VRRA Technical Committee for clarification and interpretation or visit our website.